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Visual Arts

The goal of the Visual Arts department at Irmo High School is to develop lifelong creators and patrons of the arts as well as productive and sensitive members of society.  By promoting national and state standards, Visual Arts educators engage students in examining cultural and historical perspectives of art making and creative problem-solving through conceptual and media exploration.  Creative learning in this context encourages students to relate visual arts knowledge to other academic endeavors and to respond to real world situations with confidence, flexibility, sensitivity, and innovation.

Irmo High School Visual Arts students have been honored at the regional level in the Scholastic Art Exhibition for South Carolina as well as nationally at the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards contest.  In addition, they have been honored at the Art of Healing contest sponsored by Lexington Medical Center and nationally in the Congressional Art Competition.  Irmo High School Visual Arts students are also active in community service by donating artworks for auctions, where proceeds benefit deserving students in the district and state as well as raise awareness for charitable causes. 

A Millions Windows

Jacob Edenfield       A Millions Windows

course offerings          

Build a foundation for artistic expression (9th through 12th grades)

Design Foundations - Successfully complete this semester course that addresses design elements and principles as well as media exploration in order
to explore other Visual Arts opportunities.    

Explore specific concepts and media in Level 1 courses (9th through 12th grades)
Choose a specific Visual Arts medium or more to explore in the following semester courses:
Landscape Architecture / Garden Design
Contemporary Design
Public Art
Digital Art
Stained Glass 1
Digital Photography 1
Two-Dimensional Design 1
Graphic Design & Advertisement
Three-Dimensional Design 1    

Dig deeper in specific concepts and media in Level 2 courses (10th through 12th grades)
Explore your chosen Visual Arts medium further or choose another Level 1 Visual Arts medium to explore. Irmo High School offers the following
Level 2 semester courses:
Contemporary Design 2 
Three-Dimensional Design 2 
Digital Photography 2 
Two-Dimensional Design 2
Stained Glass 2    

Focus on specific concepts and media in Studio Concentrations courses (11th and 12th grades)
Choose to focus on a specific Visual Arts medium once the preceding levels have been successfully completed with a Visual Arts teacher  
recommendation and audition portfolio. Studio Concentrations courses may be taken in the Fall or Spring semesters or for an entire year.
Course choices include:

Studio Concentrations 3D - Ceramics
Studio Concentrations 2D - Digital Art
Studio Concentrations 3D - Contemporary Design
Studio Concentrations 2D - Photography
Studio Concentrations 3D - Landscape Architecture/Garden Design
Studio Concentrations 2D - Two-Dimensional Design
Studio Concentrations 3D - Stained Glass
Studio Concentrations 3D - Three-Dimensional Design    

Advance your studies and build a portfolio (11th and 12th grades)
International Baccalaureate Visual Arts and Advanced Placement Studio Art    

Visual Arts students in the 11th and 12th grades may enroll in a challenging but rewarding two -year course of study through Participation Credit in
IB Visual Arts HL or a yearlong course of study through AP Studio Art. Each course of study may result in college or university credit based on the
minimum examination score accepted by the institution. Please contact Ms. Catie Smylie for further details of both courses of study to determine
which will best complement your needs and interests. See the District Course Catalog for additional information and requirements.    

Explore non-studio Visual Arts studies (11th and 12th grades)
Art History
Students will study for a semester the endeavors of prominent artists throughout history along with perspectives in historical, cultural, religious,
social, psycho-emotional, practical, decorative, and communicative contexts. The course content is supplemented with studio activities to connect knowledge to application.    

Advanced Placement Art History
The AP Art History course is designed to engage students at the same level as an introductory college art history survey course. It focuses on visual critical thinking strategies and developing an understanding and knowledge of diverse historical and cultural contexts of architecture, sculpture, painting, and other media from the prehistoric era to the modern age from a variety of cultures while utilizing a variety of methods and techniques. Students who successfully complete the course and the Advanced Placement Examination in Art History may receive college or university credit based on the minimum examination score accepted by the institution. (Adapted from the College Board’s Art History Course Description.)  

Art Careers