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Links and Info for 9th Graders



  • Go to School - Attendance is very important, especially in high school!  And for very good reasons:

                                 You will get better grades by being in class.

                                 Missing classes in high school may cause you to lose credits.

                                 A good attendance record shows future employers that you are dependable.

  • Get organized - Keep up with your notes, tests, quizzes.   Use an agenda or calendar to plan for tests, projects, etc.
  • Do your homework! - High school teachers expect you to spend more time on homework.
  • Don’t wait to get help - Take advantage of   tutoring opportunities.  Talk to your teacher about possible times.
  • Get good grades - Your ninth grade GPA is the foundation for your high school GPA.  You want to get the highest grades in the most rigorous classes.
  • Join a club - Being involved in your high school is very important.  It will help you make new friends and will help you make connections to others with similar interests. A list of clubs and organizations available at Irmo High School is available here .
  • Make new friends - Friendships change in high school.  Reach out to new students or introduce yourself again to someone you already know but now realize that you have more in common than you thought.
  • Start researching careers  - Visit Mrs. Etheredge,  Career Specialist, in room 106. Learn about careers and their occupational outlook. Research what career you may be interested in — this will help you when selecting a major and a college. Use the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Handbook for your research.
  • Start researching colleges- Begin researching schools in which you would like to apply to. has many resources including a college search that can narrow down your choices based on location, majors, and more! Click here to go directly to their college search site.
  • Volunteer - You and your school counselor will discuss program The Extended Studies Diploma.  However, even if you do not choose this program, volunteering is a rewarding experience that can lead to scholarships or a job.  Plus, it will make you feel great to know you are doing for others!
  • Meet with your school counselor - You will meet with your school counselor to choose your classes for the next year and to complete your IGP for the year.  It is time to start looking ahead and planning for the rest of your high school career!