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Student and Teacher Resources

Khan Academy

Confused about a certain subject? Khan Academy offers free online learning in every subject from math to economics. The site offers exercises, personalized learning and instructional videos to help you succeed in the classroom. 

Please Don't Cheat

Are you confused about plagiarism? Use this great site to find out what plagiarism is, what it looks like and why you should care. 


This website provides video clips from popular television shows and movies. All of the clips are age appropiate, sectioned by subject and edited. Video clips can be great reference resources to draw students into lessons.


Formative is a great online tool that allows educators to create original assignments, deliver them to the students and receive results in real-time in order to provide feedback immediately. Teachers can also upload documents that already exist and create paperless assignments.


Storybird is a fantastic visual storytelling website that allows users to create stories online with artwork curated from illustrators. Students can create books that are accessible online and physical editons as well.