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Green Step School program

The Green Step Schools program and our Conserve, Protect, and Restore Projects

In 2020, Irmo High School was named the 2020 Overall School of the year and our Green Step Schools volunteer Mrs. Linda Byars was named 2020 Volunteer of the Year! Congratulations and thank you to Mrs. Byars!

Our Green Step School Projects continued in a more limited basis in the 2020-2021 academic year.  

In 2021, Irmo High School proudly remains part of the Green Steps Schools program. Stay tuned here for updated photos of our projects. Last academic year, our students participated in oyster shell recycling, upcycled costumes for an original Earth Day skit, building Carolina wren houses, and printing upcycled t-shirts.

Green Steps Logo

"Green Steps Schools is an environmental education and action initiative that recognizes schools in South Carolina who take annual sustainable steps toward becoming more environmentally responsible." - Green Step Schools

This environmental education initiative encourages individual schools to take annual steps toward becoming more environmentally responsible by sustaining two or more quality projects in each of three categories: Conserve, Protect, and Restore. Each project incorporates the three principles of Learn, Do, and Teach. For each project, students learn, students do, and students teach others.

Irmo High School International School for the Arts is proud to have become a certified Green Steps School in 2019 and continue this important mission!

Learn about our projects on our Green Steps website!